In this episode, Woody talks about cops being killed in the line of duty and a case he worked as a detective where two officers were shot. RLRC music: Toby Tomplay ( ) If y’all haven’t checked out Bomb Deals- Promo Codes- Coupons, you need to NOW ( ) We appreciate each of you: Crystal Ivey, Dena Cassels, Nikk Calmes, and Kim Runnels Bercegeay, Amanda Gambino, is a master barber at Shear, Etc. in Baton Rouge, LA. She loves Real Life Real Crime SO much that she makes every single client of hers download and listen to the podcast. Dre Gambino is her husband and a rapper. His song, “Ten Toes”  has been added to the end of this episode. Check him out on You Tube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.   Promo: Dia-logue hosted by Rebekah Sebastian 
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