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1: Real Life Real Crime: Double Clutch and Christina Constance

I would like to announce the premier of Real Life Real Crime- a true crime podcast which will detail cases that I have personally worked. This came about because in listening to other true crime podcasts I found most of the podcast hosts are regular citizens with no law enforcement experience talking about high profile criminal cases that have been sensationalized by the media. There are almost no true crime podcasts where law enforcement professionals are telling their stories from the first person point of view of the cases they actually worked. Therefore, I created Real Life Real Crime and I believe you will find it informative and interesting. I have always said that working in law enforcement is the” greatest show on earth” because the truth is almost always stranger than fiction. 

I do have to warn you that my podcast is for adults only as the content will contain true, uncensored, and graphic descriptions of criminal cases I have worked.

I hope you will listen to the podcast and please feel free to “like” and “share”!

You can also find the us on twitter at Real Life Real Crime – A podcast by Woody Overton and will be available across all platforms including itunes and Spotify. Visit our website at to subscribe so you always know when the next episode is released. Stay tuned for more!



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