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woody overton headshot real life real crime host

Woody Overton


Woody Overton, the host of Real Life Real Crime, TELLS IT LIKE IT IS – good, bad, or ugly, and tells it from first-hand experience.

His one-of-a-kind voice (that’s been referred to as a ‘purring jaguar with a Southern accent’) has led Woody to podcast successes, but it’s not just his voice that did it.

His authentic and often gritty storytelling that has captured listeners’ attention in over 130 countries stems from a life dedicated to protecting and serving.

So when he re-tells true-crime stories, you’re getting it straight from the source, not from second-hand information.

As a young man, Woody enlisted in the Louisiana Army National Guard, quickly climbing the ranks to Sergeant and Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare Specialist.

Studying criminal justice at the University of Tennessee and Southeastern Louisiana University, Woody graduated from Louisiana State University Law Enforcement Academy.

Woody’s extensive Law Enforcement career began at the Louisiana Department of Corrections and Florida Parishes Juvenile Detention Center, then led him to the Southeastern Louisiana University Police Department, where he served as a uniform patrol officer.

Woody would go on to the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office, where he began making big waves as a deputy in the Uniform Patrol Division, the Special Response Team (SWAT), and ultimately the Detective Division.
As a detective, Woody worked every type of crime imaginable and became the first Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office Detective to graduate from the highly revered Texas Department of Public Safety Polygraph School.

Woody continued to climb the law enforcement ranks when he was recruited to the Louisiana State Police, serving as a Criminal Investigator II from the Louisiana State Police Headquarters in Baton Rouge.

In 2013, Woody retired from his law enforcement career and went into private practice as a polygraph examiner and defense consultant. He maintains his polygraph license and is Board Certified by the Louisiana State Polygraph Board (License # 414). To this day, Woody serves as an EXPERT WITNESS in ALL FEDERAL COURTS, a highly respected title shared by only a handful of people in the world.

In other words, don’t let his smooth, Southern dialect fool you. Woody knows what he’s talking about and has the credentials to prove it!

In addition to being a multi-award winning podcast host, Woody is also a book narrator and has published multiple books.

But words and credentials can’t describe Woody. You can only get the authentic Woody Overton experience by LISTENING to him speak!

toby tomplay executive producer real life real crime

Toby Templet

Executive Producer

Toby Tomplay calls himself the “Jack of all trades, master of none,” but we know better… he’s more masterful than he gives himself credit for. 

Being a professional singer/songwriter/guitar player/music producer of nearly two decades, the question Toby gets the most in the podcast world is: “How did you (a musician) become the executive producer of ‘Real Life Real Crime,’ a True Crime podcast?!?” 

 As fate would have it, the stars aligned for Toby Tomplay and Woody Overton, unbeknownst to either of them at the time. Toby has been involved in music production, recording, and engineering for over 

Fifteen years, so he knows a good thing when he sees or ‘hears’ it. Toby heard one episode of Real Life Real Crime on his way back from a concert he performed at in New Orleans and was instantly hooked. 

In a recent interview, Toby was asked what he thought of that first episode he listened to. Toby said, “The content was GREAT, but I felt like this guy needed a kick-ass theme song to go along with it.”

 The next day, Toby hit the studio and wrote/arranged/produced/recorded the WILDLY popular, highly-infectious theme song that Real Life Real Crime is now associated with. Toby sent the song to Woody, and 

he was floored, immediately calling Toby; the first words out of Woody’s mouth: “IT’S FIRE!!!” As the two became friends, Woody realized the depths of Toby’s vision, production skills, and his ‘genius’ as Woody calls it. 

Woody would go on to offer Toby the role of Executive Producer, as well as manager and booking agent for Real Life Real Crime’s Live shows. Toby began producing Real Life Real Crime in Season 4. 

 Toby and Woody are also working on a NEW podcast, different from but in conjunction with RLRC, called “Don’t Call it a Cold Case.” Stay tuned for more details!

Besides being a music/podcast producer, Toby is also an audiobook narrator and author.  

 You can hear Toby’s music (‘Tom play’) on iTunes, Spotify, etc., as well as, and view his music videos on youtube. 

cyndi overton woody overton wife real life real crime

Cyndi Overton

Everything Else

The Yin to Woody’s Yang, Cyndi Overton is the unsung hero of Real Life, Real Crime the podcast. Behind-the-scenes Cyndi does just about everything except talk into the mic!

With many years of being a dedicated mother and wife under her belt, Cyndi had heard NEARLY every story Woody has (or at least half of them.. 😉 So one day she told him, “With all your d@$! stories, you should have a podcast.”

Baffled, the former homicide detective replied, “What’s a podcast?” Being a retired teacher, naturally Cyndi said, “I’ll show you,” and the rest was history. Cyndi became Real Life Real Crime’s first ‘producer,’ spending hours upon hours learning how to record Woody, edit the podcast, and publish it to the world.

We are forever grateful for Cyndi; without her, Real Life Real Crime wouldn’t be a podcast!